Hello again!

So there has been a fair bit of brain-rattling and a complete rebuild of the site but I feel we are nearly there, like so nearly that in fact, the first artist will be having items featured on the site in the next few days woot woooot!

There is still some tinkering in the backend to be done and a well a few front end tweets but yeah most of the build and testing for an easy to use website have been completed, here we are at sloote.com.

We are very open to feedback so if there are some features you’d like integrated or you are an artist that would like to have products featured on the site then please do drop us an email.

We want sloote to be a little bit different, a virtual space for objet d’art, unique upcycled goods as well contemporary and traditional visual statements, some of which can be utilised every day that are full of expression.

I suppose I had better get back to it, check back for updates, thanks for reading 🙂

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