What is what all about? The world, well that is pretty FUBAR now due to the CoronaVirus (SARS-nCoV2) pandemic and then endemic that is sweeping ‘the world’ creating cluster cases of infection with half of its population being restricted into lockdown – countries and continents alike, we are all in the same proverbial boat.

The world is a bit broken 🙁

It does not all have to be, rubbish – really it does not.

Yes, a majority of us are stuck at home but we should be using this dark time (outside) for good and productive times (inside).

There is so much to do if we have idle thumbs, not only in our homes with everyday tasks like the cleaning, cooking and general upkeep but also nice things like spending important time together with your closest family and friends for those with no immediate family.

Makers unite!

We can use some of this time to learn new skills and as well express ourselves, through art of any format and style including digital or traditional painting with a brush, marking with lead or charcoal, needlecraft and sewing for haberdashery, woodwork, metal fabrication to model making, pottery, 3d printing – the list could go on.

This expression does not necessarily need to be inside, we can utilize outside spaces like that of the garden for fruit and vegetable produce or even little patches of unused land to work away on, whittling and shaping our creations to become what they will and can be.

Many home-grown skills are being honed and sharpened during this time of lockdown due to the CoronaVirus (SARS-nCoV2) global outbreaks, what we need to all do is not watch the news so much and look forward to after this time.

Maybe you have little creations or even ideas that are piling up? Perhaps it is time to find a market for them which is where sloote.com comes in acting as the middle space to get your wares out there…

More info soom.

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Stay safe out there x

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